The congress

After 35 years the Belize medical and dental association holds one of its congresses once again. This year being welcomed by Dr. Jose Moguel who not only welcomes doctors but students and the citizens of Belize. Medical practices have been done throughout the years and through the years many fail to attend to rules and regulations of the medical field. It is important to know that there are many malpractices that have been done that cause problems to patients. So many practices have been done with in the years to help patients but some doctors that attended the congress bring out a few bad medical practices that can harm someone such as medical negligence, malpractice and imprudence. at the medical congress some doctors brought up some topics that helped us understand the situation such medico legal affairs (Dr. Manuel de Jesus Sanchez Berrios) and shared decision making in nephrology care (Dr. Ju Yeh yang). This Congress is done every year to let the citizens have a chance or doctors to have a chance explain or state problems and situations that is happening or what can happen later in the future. So not only do people depend on doctors to save their lives but doctors who know their duty and obligation to help people become better. What is a medico-legal affair? These are all situations where medical and paramedical acts are involved in legal processes related to health life and death of people during medical care; the acts, issues or situations in medical matters that are required by law or by justice. Legal actions taken in medico-legal affairs start off with administrative, which is compliance with procedures and activities, revision of the rules and regulations to compensate damages. Secondly civil is claim, restitution, fulfilment and compensation of damages. Thirdly, criminal the punishment of a crime token in public action. malpractice is a lack of wisdom in profession which can also includes those with high degrees of knowledge in the medicine field and lack of practice little of experience and skill with in the situation in the medical field. They are three types of bad medical practices starting off with medical negligence which is neglecting the duty to do exercises, and then there is malpractice which is lack of knowledge and skill within the field and lastly in-prudence the doing of medical acts without precautions. What is shared decision making (SDM) in nephrology care? SDM is an integrated process where clinicians and patients share the best available evidence when faced with the task of making decisions. The reason for SDM is to arrive at a quality decision to get evidence based information about available options, provides knowledge and experience and patients values.SDM should been done because there are several treatment options available, some treatments provided often fail to identify one treatment as clearly superior to another and SDM can help patients understand benefits and harms of the options. The benefits for patients experiences care, improves patients trust towards the doctor/nurse when it comes to treatment and evidence that can help improve someone’s health. The benefits for providers is improvement of the quality of care given and increased patients satisfaction. SDM should be used when a patient has health problems and needs proper treatment take note that not many patients require SDM or some are not willing to involve themselves in SDM. The medical and dental association was held on October 19, 2017 with different doctors and common citizens in Belize and it is possible that some topics are importantly stated to explain misunderstandings and situations in the common world’s health issues. However it is not over yet there is more years to come to understand the problems in the late future. The presentations were fully explained and properly answered at the end of each one. It is my first congress in the medical field so hopefully next year I will attend next year. Hopefully more students attend next year to experience this congress for it was an amazing experience to me.