The Belize Medical And Dental Association XXXVI National Congress

On October 19th 2017 the Belize Medical and Dental association held its XXXVI national congress at the Belize Biltmore Plaza. The theme for the congress was Medical Practice and its Legal Implication. At 7:45 the ceremony commenced with a prayer and national anthem, shortly thereafter the welcome address was given by Dr. Jose Moguel president of the BMDA. The congress proceeded with a speech form the CEO of Health, who again welcomed the guests and gave an overview of the health system in Belize and sated the ministry plan of where they want to see themselves as a ministry in the future. The discussion started immediately after, with Dr. Baldomino Barboza giving a presentation on “Prespective of Malpractice and Negligence during the last 30 years”, followed by a presentation with Dr. Manuel de Jesus Sancnez and Dr. John Waight with a discussion in Medical Ethics and Medico legal matters in Belize. Several other topics were discussed, sparking the interest of most physicians, thereby having a healthy discussion between everyone present that day. I must make mention also that other distinguished guest present that day, who helped and contributed tremendously were the attorneys and crown council. Also the foreign doctors present that day, who took time to share with us their experience and medical advancements in their country. This experience as a medical student has helped me personally to not only understand but also comprehend that even the slightest mistake (in practice) can affect you as a professional, and hence the reason for such discussions held at congress that day. I was delighted to attend in the company of a couple other students from our school and thank our schools administration for giving us the time off require to attend for those two days. The congress ended on the 20th October with a vote of thanks given by the moderator Dr. Ingrid Sansores. Overall I must say it was a rewarding experience, as it helped me understand that it is a personal choice to hold oneself to consistent moral and ethical standards.